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About Us



“Royal Selection” is a startup operating in the gluten-free and lactose-free sector. We create a selection of the best products suitable for people with allergies or other dietary restriction.
Royal Selection focus on the Ho.Re.Ca. sector and provides a range of product such as bread, sweet pastry, granola & breakfast cereals, chocolate, confectionery and choco-hazelnut spread.

The history of gluten

In Latin, ‘Glutinum’ means glue. Gluten is a mixture of proteins: prolamins and glutelins.

Gluten has always existed, however, in much smaller quantities. Back in the days, bread used to be made with freshly milled whole wheat flour and sourdough. During the sourdough fermentation process, proteins and carbohydrates present in the dough – including gluten – were degraded by the leaven. This process allowed obtaining bread with much smaller gluten content.

In addition, traditional bread used to be made with spring water. Nowadays, we use chlorinated water which destroys the leaven and its fermentation bacteria… Moreover, in order for bakeries to provide warm and freshly baked bread at any time, the unbaked dough is being refrigerated in order to bake them at the last moment, according to demand. The cold temperature however stops the fermentation process and prevents the dough from raising, and degrading the gluten proteins.

Gluten nowadays

Big industries wanted to simplify the traditional process of bread making in order to produce cheaper and faster. Manpower has been replaced by machinery and the dough has been made more elastic – so it is easier to work with. For this reason, the level of gluten in bread was increased by using hybrid wheat varieties with higher gluten content.

Additionally, seed companies also wanted to increase productivity and therefore switched from high wheat varieties (1.5m tall) to modern GMOs wheat varieties (0.4m tall). Those modern varieties are more resistant to wind and have larger grains that can contain more than 69% of prolamine (gluten forming protein)… Read more

Our objective

Royal Selection offers a selection of the best gluten-free products with a delicious taste and noble ingredients. Our goal is therefore to provide healthy, tasty and nutritious products suitable for gluten-free consumers: gluten-free bread, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free flour, gluten-free cake, biscuits, etc.

We focus our value-adding activities on food, instead of investing into over-packaging, advertising or long supply chains. Our most powerful marketing tool is you! We have therefore implemented a rewards system which allows you to obtain -5% discounts on our products.